GT Sport Update Today Is Now Live, Size and Changes for Patch 1.32 Detailed


As expected, Polyphony Digital has released the Gran Turismo Sport January update today, and it’s full of new stuff! GT Sport update tooday is filenamed 1.32, and clocks in at 1.7GB, and the full patch notes are below. Main Features Implemented 1 Cars The following 8 cars have been added: * Aston Martin DB3S CN.1 ’53 * BMW Z8 ’01 * Ferrari Dino 246 GT ’71 * Honda Integra Type R (DC2) ’98 * Porsche 356 A/1500 GS GT Carrera Speedster ’56 * Nissan Fairlady Z Version S (Z33) ’07 * Shelby G.T.350 ’65 * TVR Tuscan Speed 6 ’00 2 Tracks The “Special Stage Route X” track has been added. (Please note this track does not support Drift Trials.) Campaign Mode The following events have been added to the “GT League”: * Beginner League: “Z Heritage” * “Stars & Stripes” Rounds 6 and 7 * “Vision Gran Turismo Trophy” Rounds 4 and 5 * “X2014 Nations Cup” Rounds 4 and 5 * “Gr.1 Prototype Endurance Series” Round 4 “Tokyo Expressway – South Inner Loop” has been added to the Circuit Experience. 4 Scapes “CAMBRIDGE – A city of cutting-edge science” has been added to the special featured section. 5 Brand Central Museum has been added to “TVR”. 6 Top Screen A link redirecting to ‘Gran Turismo LIVE’ has been added to the Top Screen. ‘Gran Turismo LIVE’ is a special page hosting all the broadcast archives from the ‘FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championship’ 2018 Series Regional Finals and World Finals. (‘Gran Turismo LIVE’ can be reached from the special icon located on the upper right corner of the Top Screen in-game or from the dedicated ‘Gran Turismo LIVE’ special section of the official gran-turismo.com website.) 7 Race Screen A ‘Low Fuel’ indicator will now be shown when approaching the pit area. (This indicator can be toggled ON/OFF from the the Driving Options.) 8. Physics Simulation Model * The handling behaviour of the cars have been adjusted; * With this update of car’s physics simulation model, the rankings of “Driving School”, “Mission Challenge”, and “Circuit Experience” have been reset. (This will not affect a player’s level progression). Other Improvements and Adjustments Fixed an issue wherein the vibration feature of the Wireless DUALSHOCK®4 controller would not work when used to drive while a Steering Controller was also connected; Various other issues have been addressed.

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