he Division 2 EXCLUSIVE: Yannick Banchereau Interview


The Division 2 is a followup to the hit new Ubisoft IP launched in early 2016 and is a single-player or co-op shooter, that also features PvP elements where players step into the combat boots of Federal Agents known as "The Division." The game takes place in an open-world version of Washington, DC after a catastrophic outbreak, that's chock full of linear story and side missions, and other dynamic events, and is played in third-person. It's a looter shooter where players progress and gear up not on their character and character skills, but their base of operations and other settlements. The goal is to help people, and thwart the nefarious plans of rival factions who each have their own unique agendas. ADVERTISING Related: The Division 2's Story Campaign Length Revealed Banchereau worked on the first Division as well, but on the community side, and as a result has a unique perspective when it comes to better serving players and addressing their feedback. In our interview, we discuss the substantial changes to setting, environments, factions, AI, progression and other improvements The Division 2 aims to bring.

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