Could Ubisoft s Future Division Sequels Go International?


It's possible that future games in The Division series may take place in other countries. This is quite the development for a series that's largely been propelled by the narrative that the United States has more or less collapsed in the wake of bioterrorism. The Division 2 is already shifting the setting from New York City to Washington, D.C. in what should be a much-improved sequel to the original title. Gamers will have a lot of content to dive into as well, since The Division 2's campaign is said to last 40 hours. Other quality of life adjustments in the sequel include smaller dark zones with fewer players inhabiting each section, as well as 8-player reads and free DLC chapters released throughout The Division 2's lifespan. These aside, it's possible that the series could move continents at some point in the future. ADVERTISING Related: The Division 2 on PC Releasing on Epic Store Instead of Steam, Specs Revealed During a recent press preview event for The Division 2, Screen Rant was provided with the opportunity to speak with the game's creative director Julian Gerighty. The conversation quickly shifted to the universe's lore and just how widespread the in-game bioterrorism attacks are within the world's canon. As it turns out, the United States aren't the only country that have been impacted. In the first presentation today, you talked about The Division 2 taking place seven months later, and that the outbreak has spread across the U.S., but it's also spread across the world. So, are all major cities in the world in ruins, like Washington is? ADVERTISING Gerighty: We haven't really studied it. We've really done the sort of timeline for New York and Washington, but we haven't fleshed out a timeline for the world. I do know, in my mind, and this is nowhere in lore, it's everywhere. So, London, Paris, Tokyo, then maybe an island somewhere that doesn't. And like that becomes a safe haven. But the major cities in my mind are all affected. The Division 2 Character So, The Division went from this Federal Agency and now potentially, it could become international. It may need to, right? Gerighty: Again, I don't want to paint the franchise into a plan. For me, in the lore, it is a U.S. based last line of defense for the U.S.. But I've always imagined Division Agents as much more than that. The people, when there’s a disaster or an accident, who selflessly go towards the danger and don't run away from it. That's the spirit that we want to capture. It's that heroism that we're looking at. It's modern day superheros. You don't need to wear a costume to actually stand up for unity, for all of the things that mean that we're humans. So, it's really that spirit of “it could be you.” It's relatable. It could be you. If this happens, what would you be doing? Would you be joining a faction? Would you be sheltering yourself or just protecting your family? Or would you be going out there and trying to rebuild? ADVERTISING In The Division games players take on the role of Federal Division Agents who are activated as a result of this catastrophe, and they are U.S. based, but the core concept of what they are and what they represent can extend worldwide. The outbreak has, after all...

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