Far Cry New Dawn


Far Cry New Dawn is another full-size spinoff in Ubisoft's open-world FPS series, but it's more closely tied to the mainline games than the neon silliness of Blood Dragon or the prehistoric warfare of Primal. Following the canonical ending to Far Cry 5 in which - spoilers - Montana is bombed into oblivion, New Dawn skips ahead to a more lush countryside as humanity recovers from the nuclear blasts. But there's trouble afoot, as two villainous twin sisters and their Highwaymen gang threaten the lives of the peaceful Hope County survivors. You'll have to make a stand and fight back using a variety of post-apocalyptic gear in this verdant take on a Mad Max world, which will surely pack in all the chaos you've come to know and love from Far Cry. And, akin to Far Cry 5, you'll have a loyal animal companions like dogs and warthogs by your side, which will surely make New Dawn GOTY material for some players.

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