Live Action Resident Evil 2 Trailer Pays Homage To George Romero


A new live-action trailer for Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake pays homage to the work of George A. Romero. Romero essentially invented the modern zombie film with his groundbreaking horror film Night Of The Living Dead and would go on to direct equally acclaimed sequels like Dawn Of The Dead and Day Of The Dead. While zombie films had gone out of fashion during the development of Resident Evil back in 1995, Romeros work would be a big influence on the project. Following the success of the first game, George Romero himself was hired to direct a glossy advert for Resident Evil 2. This ad was produced on a budget of $1.5M - which is more than game itself cost to develop – and starred the late Brad Renfro as Leon Kennedy. This expensive commercial only ever aired in Japan, a condition of Renfro’s involvement, though it has been widely seen online since then. Romero was later hired to write and direct a Resident Evil movie, with his script being fairly faithful to the original game. Capcom was dissatisfied with his work, however, and he was later replaced by Paul W.S. Anderson, who would oversee all six movies starring Milla Jovovich.


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